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How do I...

How do I log on when I'm on campus?

If the Screen Saver is showing on the monitor, move the mouse to turn it off.

If you do not see a Log On Window, press the Ctrl-Alt-Del key.  This should bring up a Log On Window similar to the one shown below:

Tip: Some people that are new to computers are a little confused about the Ctrl-Alt-Del key. Contrary to what it actually says, it is NOT one key with "Ctrl-Alt-Del" written on it.  It is actually three different keys, all pressed at the same time.  The easiest way to do this is to press and hold down the CTRL key, press and hold down the ALT key, and press the DEL (or Delete) key. Once the DEL key is hit, the Log On window will appear and you can let go of all the keys.

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How do I log on when I'm off campus?

Please consult the instructions provided in the VPN pdf.

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How do I check my email?

While on or off campus, it is recommended that you access your Sullivan University System Email using Outlook Web Access (OWA). OWA is a web-based email system.  Once you are logged into a computer on campus or connected to the internet off campus, you can connect to OWA by opening Internet Explorer (or another web browser) and in the “address” bar type the address below that pertains to your school:

Sullivan University:
Spencerian College:
Sullivan College of Technology & Design:

When this page loads, your username and password to log into the email system is the same as logging into any computer on campus.

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How do I get help?

The Sullivan University Help Desk is open from 7am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 12pm Saturdays.

Please be prepared with your name and the nature of your problem when calling.

Support documentation is also available in the library.

From On Campus:

You can dial extension 8800 in a classroom to reach the Help Desk.

From Off Campus:

While off campus dial 502.413.8800 or 866.755.7807 toll free to reach the Help Desk directly.

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How do I save/access files?

To access your locker or home directory while on campus you must first be logged in. In the lower left hand side click the Start button. Then double click “My Computer”. Once in “My Computer” find and double click the “H:” drive. Inside the “H:” drive, find and double click the folder associated with your username.  These steps are the same for all Staff, Faculty, and Student users.

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How do I save/access files when I'm off campus?

Please consult the instructions.

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How can I choose a good password?

As with any type of secure environment, you are the main factor in determining the effectiveness of the security. Creating a strong password is one way to do your part to help protect you and your information.

"Strong" passwords are basically ones that are harder to guess than "weak" passwords.
Strong password need to meet the following criteria:

  • Is not based on the user’s account name.
  • Contains at least eight characters.
  • Contains characters from three of the following four categories:
    • Uppercase alphabet characters (A–Z)
    • Lowercase alphabet characters (a–z)
    • Arabic numerals (0–9)
    • Nonalphanumeric characters (for example, !$#,%)

There is a web site ( you can visit that will rate the strength of your password.

In addition to being strong, a password must be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. This means that your password must be based on a word or letter combination that has meaning for you, but not to anyone else. Therefore, your password should not be based on your login, your name, birthday, etc., words found in the dictionary, profanity or any series of repeating letters or numbers such as 12345 or asdfg.

One good way to create a strong password is to take a phrase you will remember and create a password based on it. For example, "I love Sullivan University with all my heart."

  • Take the first letter of each word and you get, ILSUWAMH (a weak password)
  • Now change the case of some of the letters, IlSuwAmH (a medium password)
  • Next substitute some numbers and nonalphanumeric characters, 1l$UW@MH (a strong password)

Currently your password must be at least 8 characters. Each password expires in 42 days and you can reuse passwords every sixth time you change passwords. You will receive a notice 14 days before informing you of the need to change your password.

How can I access Outlook over the phone?

Please consult this PDF flowchart of the many things you can do over the phone with Outlook.